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TLDW: Game Of Thrones 4x02

…fuck, I hadn’t even started. What’s the point of watching now?

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During the discussion Lord Young claimed that, despite the “so-called recession”, many people had “never had it so good”. There’s a recording of the interview: you can just about hear Lord Young’s voice over the clank of expensive cutlery and general satisfied hubbub filling the Roux brothers’ Parliament Square restaurant he’s dining in, as he cheerfully dismisses the potential loss of 100,000 public sector jobs as a number so insignificant it falls “within the margin of error”.

Sadly, there aren’t any accompanying pictures, so we don’t know whether he delivered this insight while enjoying a starter of Loch Duart salmon, leek, champagne velouté, fine herbs and avruga – or, perhaps, a main course of veal accompanied by sweetbreads, summer vegetables and smoked pommes mousseline. Maybe he was eating spatchcock social worker in a blood-and-port jus. We’ll probably never know. But whatever he had in his gob, he came across as a touch heartless, and distant – almost like a clueless toff in a posh restaurant, in fact.


I just remembered how fantastic ‘Spider-Man 2’ (2004) was and how there’s very little chance of the new film coming close to it’s brilliance. 

I’ve been sunburnt quite badly

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