Having no sex drive is AWFUL.

Don’t you mean having no sex?

"If you imagine that I’m going to drop everything and come down to London before I attend to my Grandchildren, who have just lost their mother, then you’re mistaken. I doubt there is anyone who knows the British people more than I do, Mr Blair. Nor who has a greater faith in their wisdom and judgement, and it is my belief that they will, any moment, reject this- this mood… which is being stirred up by the press in favour of a period of restrained grief and sober, private mourning. That is the way we do things in this country. Quietly. With dignity. It’s what the rest of the world has always admired us for."
Queen Elizabeth II (The Queen, 2006)



Martin & Cracker

what kind of name is martin for a dog

I dunno Tomi, what kind of person tries to get their followers to send someone they don’t like on tumblr enough hate so they will kill themselves, and then pretends to be suicidal when called on it?

relational blogging.


This Internet Theory Suggests All Pixar Fans Live In The Same Universe

I…I don’t. What?